I just wanted to say thank you so much interfacing to the BSA's Internet Advancement system. It was so much easier than doing the updating on the BSA website. I was worried when I heard you were not listed on the BSA site for an upload, but this is way better. Great job!

Kim Collins
Committee Chair Pack 4143

In addition to my Troop duties, I am also a district trainer for new Cub Scout leaders, and when the subject of Pack and Troop record-keeping comes up, it's amazing to see how many people swear by ScoutTrack.com, and can't say enough good things about it. Those of us that use it every day can't imagine running a Pack or Troop without it.

Bob V.
St. Louis, Missouri

When the discussion arose in our Pack Committee meeting about whether or not to renew the ScoutTrack membership, three of my den leaders (including my wife!) glared balefully at me and told me exactly what would happen to me if we did not renew the membership. Literally, we could not run the Pack without this product.

Phil B.
Pack 942

Our pack is on our fourth year using this program. It is the most valuable tool we have ever purchased. With over 119 scouts, communication between scouts, parents, leaders, advancement, tracking progress, calendar and bulletin board, we needed a strong communication and tracking program. This is it. A no brainer.

Steve Miller
Cubmaster – Pack 815

When I was asked to be Advancement Coordinator and then Cubmaster of our pack, what most influenced my decision to agree was our use of ScoutTrack. It is invaluable! As a parent of a scout, I know exactly what has to be done, when and can easily enter, track, and communicate. As Cubmaster, with a few screen reviews, I know the status of each of the dens, can view and plan our calendar and shoot off emails parents, leaders, and others. Recharter is a snap — your lists and data is always current.

Recruiting volunteers is easier when we show them how ScoutTrack can assist them. The price is a plus for a small non-profit pack. Thank you for a dependable, intuitive and useful tool for scouting.

Steven D. Hobbs
Cubmaster – Pack 3-117
Kahalu'u, Hawai'i

We have been using ScoutTrack for three years now and just renewed for another year. Our Cub Scout pack has actually grown since we began using ScoutTrack because we are able to be much more responsive to parents and boys alike. We plan to take ScoutTrack with us on into the Boy Scout years.

The only resistance that we have ever had to ScoutTrack was from those who are hesitant about learning "modern technology." We prepared a simple step-by-step parents' guide and resistance almost completely disappeared. All of the information in our parents' guide is already in ScoutTrack, but we had to draw the hesitant folks in before they realized that.

Jack Hammell
Leavenworth, Kansas

ScoutTrack.com is by far the best tool that we've found to help organize and run our pack efficiently. With a very active pack with 100+ scouts, 25+ leaders, and 12 dens of Tigers through Webelo II's, ScoutTrack.com has made our life much easier with the automated emails for Pack events, awards input and reporting, and the improved communication between the pack's members. ScoutTrack.com allows our parents and scouts the flexibility to stay on top of their accomplishments and the ability of our leaders to keep track of everyone to make sure nobody is falling behind or getting left out and forgotten. We'd also be consuming a lot of trees with all our scouts accomplishments and record keeping if we did everything on paper. Kudos on a great program!

Tonie Jones
Cubmaster – Pack 85
Mandeville, Louisiana
Bogue Tuchenna District
Istrouma Area Council
Chartered By:
American Legion – Robert H. Burns Post 16
Covington, Louisiana

ScoutTrack.com has made being a leader more fun! I no longer have to go on a 'paper chase' to compile and track achievements of my scouts. It is easy to use, and easy to update. I don't know how we ever got along without it! It has endless capabilities! Keep up the good work, and fine tune it along the way!

M. Jay Petruska, D.O.
Wolf Den Leader – Pack 503
Gastonia, North Carolina

I've been using ScoutTrack for about 4 years now, brought it up with us from our Cub Scout pack, and have now introduced it to our Boy Scout Troop, and I just wanted to let you know that everyone in the Troop just loves it! We have a troop of about 65 scouts. Communication, and everyone's separate distribution list has not been very efficient. I am now our Troop Secretary, and just couldn't imagine attempting to manage all of our data without the support of your internet site.

Troop 271

Great job on the Calendar feature. The auto email reminders are a god send for Pack communications! You have a solid application that is very valuable to my Pack.

Cubmaster – Pack 135
Roswell, Georgia

I've been very pleased with Scout Track. This is our first year using it and we've noticed that the amount of awards our boys are earning has gone up. We've attributed this to more accurate accountability due to Scout Track. It is so easy to use, I'd recommend it for all Cub Scout Packs!

Heather C.
Wolf Den Leader – Pack 21
Scott AFB, Illinois

ScoutTrack.com is invaluable to our Cub Scout Pack. Our volunteer leaders are tremendously grateful for the thoroughness and efficiency that ScoutTrack.com lends to the many details of organization, contact information, advancement, activities, communication, training and general administration of our Pack. Although other Scouting software applications assist with Pack administration; the beauty and efficacy of ScoutTrack.com is that it is Internet-based, which makes it accessible 24/7 to ALL members of the Pack.

This brilliant application of Internet technology effectively networks the Scouting community via the home computers of dozens of families in our Pack. By giving ready access to the Pack activities calendar, advancement requirements and status, email communications to and from Pack leaders, organizational chart, contact information, and many other details; ScoutTrack.com makes a dramatic contribution to the Scouting experience of countless boys and their leaders. Thank you!

Bill Sherry
Assistant Cubmaster – Pack 292
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Our pack is in its third year of using ScoutTrack.com. We have twelve dens with 100 Scouts in total. Our old process was primarily based on paper forms supplemented by phone calls and emails. What attracted us to ScoutTrack.com was that it was the only system available that was web-based. Parents, den leaders, and the advancement coordinator can all work together on the Internet, marking off requirements to ensure that Scouts' badges are presented accurately and timely. ScoutTrack.com supports not just rank advancements, but also immediate recognition beads, arrow points, Webelos compass points, Webelos activity badges, and service year pins. It has been a huge time-saver for our pack and it eliminates much of the delays and confusion we had in prior years in getting ready for pack meetings and the Blue & Gold Banquet.

Our implementation of ScoutTrack.com in September 2001 was very smooth. Ongoing we find this system to be very secure and easy to use. ScoutTrack.com has been well-received by our pack and we highly endorse it.

Chuck Langenhop
Committee Chairman & Advancements Coordinator – Pack 1112
Plano, Texas

ScoutTrack.com is a tremendous program, and I checked out all the available programs before signing up with it. Its strongest feature is the fact that it is internet-based, so everyone in your Pack can have access to it (with passwords, so that private information is kept private from the rest of the world wide web). It has helped simplify our awards tracking, so that we can spend more time with our boys and less time shuffling papers — and that is ultimately what scouting is all about.

ScoutTrack.com also helps parents track their boys' achievements, which is particularly important when both parents are working and can't always get to our Den meetings. We use the roster function and the group email functions extensively, and hardly remember how we got along without ScoutTrack.com. The calendar is particularly helpful, as we no longer get the "Why didn't anyone tell me of that event?" question from parents. They all know that they have access to the calendar at their convenience. We have even created a Pack web site, linked directly from ScoutTrack.com, so that everyone in the Pack can view pictures from our activities and other helpful information.

John Eastman
Cubmaster – Pack 21
Long Beach, California

As advancement coordinator responsible for approximately 70+ scouts in 10 dens, it made so much sense to have a system that was internet-based so everyone in the pack could access it, including the parents! Before subscribing to ScoutTrack.com, I reviewed several PC data-based software programs (i.e., Record Keeper, Rank & File, ScoutMate) as well as took advantage of the 30-day trial run on ScoutTrack before recommending that our pack subscribe to this outstanding internet-based program!

Since almost every family in our pack had internet access, we found the program extremely easy for everyone (leaders and parents) to use. Parents log activity completed at home and the leaders (especially the Bear & Webelos leaders) rave about how easy it is to track those electives and arrow points!!

On the advancement level, very minimal time was needed to set-up the entire pack, the technical support is awesome, and, with the incredibly cost-effective licensing fee, we couldn't afford NOT to give it a try! It has truly made my already over-committed life easier to provide monthly awards to our scouts. I enjoy walking into the "Scout Shop" with my printed "shopping" list in hand, itemizing each and every award needed (in fact, I have even had some ask me how I got my list computer printed!...of course, I write the website down and tell them to check it out!)...then I go home, divide up the awards using the printed listing for each scout...no handwriting out the numerous awards, just print, clip, sort, and bag!

I have sincerely appreciated the opportunity to use ScoutTrack.com this past year and am looking forward to using this great system (with its many fine enhancements) this coming year! Thanks, ScoutTrack!!

Pack 1100
Cypress (Houston), Texas

While attending our area Scout Fair, I learned about ScoutTrack.com. I'm thankful every time I log into the system. As awards chair and a den leader, it is useful to me in many ways. I used to spend 1 1/2 days just compiling all the emails and phone messages for awards — always managing to forget someone. Now I spend less than 1/2 a day, and that includes shopping for the awards and bagging them. ScoutTrack.com is wonderful. I get a compiled list, by den and scout, of exactly what has been earned. Also, entering achievements for my den is a snap. Give it a try, you'll see.

Pack 846
Houston, Texas

I cannot tell you how much easier ScoutTrack.com has made it for me and the other pack administrators to monitor scouts advancements, keep a current calendar posting and to send emails to parents. For instance, we just had to postpone a recent campout due to extreme inclimate weather. The pack leaders decided to do a bowling belt loop instead. One email to the pack, and everyone was informed of the last minute changes. We had a great turnout for the bowling event, and we all agreed, this was a great testament to the abilities of ScoutTrack.com.

Terry Hess
Cubmaster – Pack 1615

ScoutTrack.com has really helped our Pack by allowing everyone to submit their achievements as they complete them. Before each scout had to wait until a den or pack meeting and then the leaders would get swamped trying to record all the achievements. Now the leaders simply log-on to ScoutTrack.com to see who is progressing. It also has encouraged some of the boys to work on more achievements at home because they like to watch their parents enter them into ScoutTrack.com and they know their leader is checking their progress.

As a leader I like the extra functions like easy emailing to certain dens or group of leaders. It really is a great tool for our Pack. I recommend it to any Pack.

Art S.
Pack 1605
Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

I think ScoutTrack.com is an excellent tool and investment for any pack. It is so easy to use, especially when it comes time for awards. No going through each scout's book, just log on and it is already done for you.

Scott C.
Pack 365
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Everyone in my Pack that uses a computer loves ScoutTrack.com.

Pack 483
Orange Park, Florida

The more I use ScoutTrack, the more I like it! I can't believe all the work you have done for all the scout levels — and even all of the various rules within each group! You have done an outstanding job! Thank you very much!

Paul B.
Pack 3904
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

You have created a wonderful application. It definitely makes life a lot easier.

John Taylor
Pack 315
Boca Raton, Florida

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