Frequently Asked Questions

How do I promote my den to the next rank?

In the older ScoutTrack interface there was a "Promote Scouts" link - in the new interface you simply change the rank for your den to the next rank up.

For pack leaders, click on the tab corresponding to your pack name, then in the left-side panel, click on "Dens". In the right-side panel, locate the den to be promoted and use the "rank" drop down to select the next rank up using the 2015/2016 requirements version (which is the most recent version since the BSA has not changed the requirements since then). Be sure to click the green "check" icon to save the change.

For den leaders, click on the tab corresponding to your den name, then in the left-side panel, click on the "[your den name] setup" entry. Then in the right-side panel, use the "rank" drop down to select the next version using the 2015/2016 requirements version. Then click "ok" to save the changes.

How do rank up my Girl Scouts?

Follow the same instructions in the FAQ question for Cub scout dens except "den" means "level" for you.

What is is an internet-based service that makes it easy to manage your Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, Girl Scout troop or American Heritage Girls troop. It was designed specifically to use the power of the Internet to replace the tracking charts and trail records in the back of the scout books as well as the spreadsheets and paper records typically kept by den leaders.

  • You don't have to periodically give your leader your scout book! enables you to go online and mark the activities that your scout has completed (or is planning to complete) and your leader immediately sees everything that scouts have completed at home.
  • Den/patrol leaders and scoutmasters can mark which activities will be done (or are done already) in meetings and you see those immediately.
  • You can easily send email messages to your den/patrol or leader without having to know all their email addresses — knows them for you!
  • Scouts, pack leaders, scoutmasters, achievement/award coordinators and den/patrol leaders have additional capabilities customized for their role in the pack/troop.
  • Boy Scouts can even login and plan/mark done activities (certain Boy Scout activities like scoutmaster conferences and board of reviews can only be marked complete by the scoutmaster or adult patrol leader).
  • Security and privacy is maintained with your own userid and password.
  • Parents can see all the activities for all their Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in — even boys that are members of different packs/troops (provided those packs/troops are using!

What can it do for scouts, parents, den leaders, advancement coordinators and pack leaders?

For a complete list, see features.

Can you explain the different roles within a pack or troop that supports?

The roles for a Cub Scout pack are:

  • Pack Leader (i.e. the Cubmaster, committee chairperson, etc): Pack leaders can create dens, add scouts and their parents to those dens and setup which users are achievement coordinators and den leaders. Pack leaders can also send email to everyone in the pack.
  • Advancements Coordinator: Advancements coordinators can run the "badges earned" report to get a consolidated view of which scouts earned which badges. They can then mark particular badges as ordered and/or distributed.
  • Den Leaders: Den leaders can change their den (add scouts & parents to their den only). They can enter activities for their den. They can also enter home activities on behalf of the parents (in case there are some parents who don't have internet access).
  • Parents: Parents can mark activities completed at home only. They can see the den plans but can't modify them.

The roles for a Boy Scout troop are:

  • Troop Leader (i.e. head Scoutmaster, committee chairperson, etc): Troop leaders can create patrols, add scouts and their parents to those patrols and setup which users are achievement coordinators and scoutmasters. Troop leaders can also send email to everyone in the troop.
  • Advancements Coordinator: Advancements coordinators can run the "badges earned" report to get a consolidated view of which scouts earned which badges. They can then mark particular badges as ordered and/or distributed.
  • Scoutmaster (includes the Assistant Scoutmasters): needs to have one or more Scoutmasters assigned to each patrol for purposes of being responsible for marking Scoutmaster conferences and Board of Reviews completed. These Scoutmasters can also change their patrol (add scouts & parents). They can mark patrol activities completed. They can also enter home activities on behalf of the parents or scouts (in case there are some parents/scouts who don't have internet access).
  • Parents: Parents can mark activities completed at home only. They can see the patrol plans but can't modify them.
  • Scouts: Boy scouts can have login accounts in also. The troop leadership has the choice of whether to allow these scouts to mark "unprotected" activities completed. These "unprotected" activities are any badge activity not including Scoutmaster conferences and Board of Reviews (only the Scoutmaster can mark those "protected" activities completed).

Note that a person can (and typically does) have multiple roles in the pack or troop. For instance, den leaders are probably also parents. So in that case will present both the den leader functions as well as the parent functions.

Since each user has their own ID/password, can uniquely identify them and determine their role within the pack or troop. There are extensive checks throughout to prevent unauthorized people from accessing and changing things they shouldn't change.

How is different than the PC-based pack/troop Management packages?

  • is internet-based. was designed from the beginning to be Internet-based so that you can easily share and communicate with your Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop. With PC-based pack/troop management packages, it is virtually impossible to effectively share information between leaders of the pack or troop.
  • is for everyone in your pack or troop. All of the other pack/troop Management packages are designed to be used by the adult leaders. That completely leaves the parents and scouts on their own for managing their scouting activities and their progress. And the Advancements Coordinator has to to call all the Den Leaders to find out which badges have been earned.
  • guides you through the completion of awards & badges. Individual activities are shown and summarized, and the system knows when all the requirements have been met. Other pack/troop Management packages just give you a screen to enter the date a certain badge was earned.

Can we use it for our Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop or BSA Venture Crew?

Absolutely! You can get started right now with a 30 day free trial. Click here to get started!

What about Girl Scouts and American Heritage Girl troops?

Yes! ScoutTrack supports those too. You can get started right now with a 30 day free trial by clicking here.

Is endorsed by or associated with the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America or American Heritage Girls?

No. is independent of the BSA, GSA and AHG. ScoutTrack is updated as those organizations change their programs. Our mission is to make it easier for the volunteers and parents to provide and experience the scouting program.

Can we submit advancements to the BSA with

Yes! Advancement coordinators in can export data to TXT file that can be imported into Scoutbook.

Does support the 2015 Cub Scout program changes?

Yes! Even the changes announced on November 30, 2016 have been incorportated!! has been upgraded to support the new rank requirements AND the old ones are still supported as well allowing you to transition to the new requirements over the next several months. The only change you will notice right away is the rank display will now include the version. So instead of saying for instance "Wolf" it will say "Wolf (2003)". Note that each den can only be following one version of the requirements.

Transitioning to the new 2015 program will vary based on whether your pack is LDS chartered or not.

For non-LDS Packs:

The transition in ScoutTrack begins when you promote your dens to the next rank - which is typically done at the end of the scouting year or June 1. This year, it will be important to do it as soon as possible (but not much before) June 1.

At promotion time, dens at the various ranks will be promoted based on this transition:

Tiger (2001) ---> Wolf (2015)
Wolf (2003) ---> Bear (2015)
Bear (2003) ---> Webelos (2015)
Webelos (2003) ---> Webelos II (2003)

The BSA transition plan allows Webelos I dens to finish their Webelos II time with the old (2003) requirements. ScoutTrack expects most dens will want to do that, so that is the default. If a Webelos I den really wants to switch to the new requirements, the den can be changed after promotion to set the den's rank to "Arrow of Light (2015)". The BSA has identified in very broad terms where the old requirements map to the new requirements. So ScoutTrack has codified that to translate any completions in the old requirements to carry through to the new. But please be aware that there doesn't seem to be much overlap.

And for the sake of completeness, the promotion transitions for dens already on the new program:

Tiger (2015) ---> Wolf (2015)
Wolf (2015) ---> Bear (2015)
Bear (2015) ---> Webelos (2015)
Webelos (2015) ---> Arrow of Light (2015)

For LDS Chartered Packs:

LDS packs promote scouts individually on or just after their birthdays. So your transition to the new 2015 program is a bit more complicated. The "promote scouts" screen will still be your way to promote the scouts and you'll still pick which den you want to promote that scout into.

But since you may need to promote scouts to the next rank between now and June 1 gives you these options:

Tiger (2001) ---> Wolf (2003) or Wolf (2015)
Wolf (2003) ---> Bear (2003) or Bear (2015)
Bear (2003) ---> Webelos (2003) or Webelos (2015)
Webelos (2003) ---> Webelos II (2003) or Arrow of Light (2015)

Note: if a den does not yet exist at the next rank and version, you have the option to create a new den at that rank/version.

If you need to advance an entire den, for instance changing a Wolf (2003) den to follow the new requirements or Wolf (2015), then you can manually change the den rank: den leaders click "den membership" under their "as a den leader" section (or pack leaders click "pack membership" under "as a pack leader" and then click on the name of the den) and then click "change" - then set the rank drop down list to the same rank but new requirements version and click "save".

The BSA is giving you flexibility on when your scouts are transitioned to the 2015 program - but in the LDS transition plan they encourage switching to the new program on June 1. It is likely you will have scouts that have not yet earned their rank badge then and have birthdays after June 1, so ScoutTrack allows you to keep them at the "old" rank as long as you want before promoting them to a 2015-rank.

Sports and Academics Program for Belt loops and Pins

The BSA is discontinuing the Sports & Academics program (belt loop and pins). They have not published any information indicating when that cut-off is happening or if there is a transition over some period after June 1. So ScoutTrack will still support it - but after June 1, it will be labeled "discontinued".

What do I need to use

To use, you will need a browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Netscape, Safari, Internet Explorer or AOL, a connection to the internet (via your own Internet Service Provider) and your own userid & password (which will be given to you when you sign up)

Does replace our current web site (or can provide a web site for our pack?)

No, does not replace or provide a general web site for your pack.

How does integrate with our current web site?

Just add a navigation button to your existing web site with's system URL. When you register your pack or troop with, you can specify your pack's or troop's web site address and will direct people back to your site when they logout. To see an example of this, check out Pack 61's web site or Troop 35's website.

Who can I contact with questions or inquiries on

Send all inquiries to

How much does it cost?

The cost of a 12-month license to use is $45 for a Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, Venture Crew, Girl Scout Troop or AHG troop— regardless of the number of youth and adults. But the first 30 days is free so you can try it out risk free!

Can our pack/troop get started with a free 30-day trial right away?

Sure! Just click here to start your 30-day free trial.

Who can see my full address and phone number information?

Only people within your pack/troop will see your full address and phone number. Note: technical support personnel can also see this information. See our Privacy policy for more information.

If you don't want people within your pack/troop to have your full address and phone number, then you have two options:

  1. has an option you can check to keep your information private to other parents in your pack/troop. The leaders of your pack/troop will still be able to see your full address and phone number information. Note: Pack leaders can not keep their address or phone number information from the parents of the pack/troop.
  2. If you don't want anyone (include the leaders) in your pack/troop to have your full address and phone number, you can leave the fields empty. The only required fields are your city and state.

Is our pack/troop data safe? keeps two different sorts of data:

  • Membership information — the scouts, parents, leaders and their personal information like address, phone number, email address, etc
  • Achievement completion data for each scout

When considering safety of that data, there are two aspects:

  1. Can an unauthorized person gain access to the data? This is most important for the personal information. has extensive security checks to prevent unauthorized access. See the discussion on the roles defined within for more information. Also, see the Privacy Policy for details on personal information.
  2. Is the data protected against system failures? The database is backed up automatically every night and copied to various tapes in a prescribed full/incremental backup schedule. There has been one instance of a network hardware failure that resulted in the need to take the backup to a new host machine to get back up and running quickly. So the backups do work!

Who developed and runs was developed by Tom Hjellming, the father of three scouts including his oldest son who is an Eagle scout. Tom is a professional software developer with a M.S. degree in Computer Science and over 27 years of experience developing commercial software for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Platinum Technologies, Full Tilt Solutions and RiverGlass. For the last seventeen years, Tom has concentrated on Internet-based applications using JavaEE, Dynamic HTML technology, AJAX, jQuery and Google Web Toolkit.

Why have the password requirements changed?

It came to our attention that many users had very weak passwords. In fact there were 420 users in whose password was the same as their userid — 58 of them were pack or troop leaders. One pack leader on the east coast had an unauthorized user guess their userid/password — the impersonator wreaked some havoc that caused embarrassment to the pack leader and it took several hours for technical support to repair the changes and track down who did it and how. This incident prompted the implementation of the stronger password requirements. Click here for an article discussing password issues.

While it is a hassle having to remember complicated passwords, there are two solutions: 1) if you have a private computer, click the "remember me" box on the login screen to use a "cookie" within your browser so you don't have to type in your userid/password every time you use; or 2) use a Password manager like LastPass, KeePass or KeePassX.

What if my question hasn't been answered here?

If you still have questions about, please send email to Technical Support.